There is only one answer to this question - yes! See why a mobile application can
be useful for your company.

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Smartphone - always in our pocket

There is one device without which most of us will not leave the house - it is a smartphone. The importance of mobile technologies in the everyday life of each of us is constantly growing. Almost half of the population are already mobile internet users. It is estimated that we spend about 3.5 hours a day in front of smartphone screens, and that time will increase. More and more people cannot imagine functioning without their phone.

At Google Play, we find over 3.5 million applications, and on the Apple App Store not much less, just above 2 million apps. Statist estimates that by 2021 the number of downloads from both stores will amount to over 350 billion.

Does your business need an application?

Statistics clearly show that most of us use smartphones constantly - to compare prices in the store, to choose the best product, order a taxi or find a way to the service point. Not adapting your own business to current realities can only harm you.

You may think that your company is too small, that only its responsive website is enough. But are you sure? To get to your place on the web, the user must know the name of your business, remember the location or your data. Are you sure you will want to add more things to remember when reloading information? A business card usually gets lost, the company’s name runs away and the customer, even if he wants, will never come back to you. The solution is the mobile application whose icon the user will see each time they turn on the smartphone.

You need a mobile application if you want:

  1. see customers coming back to you
  2. to be easily found
  3. have constant contact with clients
  4. engage your customers ( create a loyalty program or let everybody know about new awesome discount)

Now the best part. A customer who cares enough to install your business app is more likely to get involved and take action based on your campaign. Whether it be a simple sale or an advanced quest game that leads to the treasure chest, your chances to close the deal are higher than when using a usual commercial channel.

Now you probably do not have any doubts that at a time when many people carry only a smartphone with them, the mobile application is not a whim, but a necessity if you want customers to come back to you?