You have already decided that your company needs a mobile application because it provides constant contact with your clients. See how to encourage customers to install applications on their smartphones.

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1. Additional points to the loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs can help you. Everyone likes when regular use of certain services gives additional benefits. You can use this by offering additional points appearing on the client’s account right after installing the application on your smartphone. In order for users to regularly use the application, think about additional benefits - extra points when registering, purchasing or booking through the application.

2. Products available only in the application

Create a special collection of products reserved only for application users. Customers will definitely be interested in this unique offer and will gladly install the application on their smartphones.

3. Special promotional offers

Promotions and discounts that’s what we all like. You can use this to create a special offer reserved only for customers using the mobile application. The weekend of free delivery or 10% discount as an example.

4. Streamlining registration

Each of us has once been irritated trying to book the service by phone. Encourage your customers to install a mobile application enabling them to register quickly and seamlessly.

5. Provide entertainment

Smartphones are largely used for entertainment. You can use this by creating a special game part in your application. What if you combine fun with real benefits? Create a game that requires your customers to be regularly involved and reward them with additional points in the loyalty program or extra discounts.

6. Provide the most important information

Your business concerns a certain area of your clients’ lives, the area in which they will seek advice and tips. Create an application that will help your clients communicate with them. Become an expert who facilitates decision making and speeds up the acquisition of information. Bring knowledge in a simple way so that it’s easier to get it than by searching the internet.

You see? There are many ways to encourage customers to use the application